Thursday, November 26, 2009

                     HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Welcome I am so glad you stopped Bye!  I've neglected my blog for sometime now so I've got to do a better job.  I owe it to my 15 followers LOL !!!!  I've been reading different blogs lately ...Do you ever get in a decorating blah????? I've been decorating the primitive/Colonial look for so many years that Iam growing tired of it.  Oh don't get me wrong I still Love it but I want to try something different.  I am Loving that vintage cottagey farmhouse look...

Love this look. The picture below is how I did my (fake) fireplace for fall.  I hung an old plastic  mirror  I painted. The plates are old from my mom.  The little frames (which are hard to tell in the pictures) of birds I got at the Goodwill and painted.  The silver plated ice bucket I got for free at a garage sale . 
Go ahead and laugh at my geese I love these little guys I can't help it!!!! I got one at a garage sale years ago .  My daughter had stored somethings out in the garage and I was out rummaging for something and found one of them peeking out of a box and I decided I would take him in the house so he wouldn't get dirty.. I told her I was using him, well mom that's great but its not mine.  Hummmm........Where did he come from??  The other one I just got this summer at an antique store for $3.00  at that price I don't think their very poplar but I don't care I love him dearly.

Dry sink for fall.more Fall decorationsThat cutey bug below is my little grandbaby Livian. Shes One year old and Loved Thanksgiving today !Hope everyone has a safe and rewarding black Friday. I am going to a large craft show tomorrow and then this week-end I am going to start  putting up the Christmas decorations.  Until next

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