Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Past and The Present

Welcome: This is a picture of our home around 1889 or 1898.The shutters were dark green.
This is how our home looks today.These old houses are always a work in process, it seems when you get one thing fixed something else needs your attention. The bottom right corner in the picture is an old summer kitchen that is still waiting for repairs. I hope to make it look inside like a log cabin. I am still trying to figure out this blogging thing and how to insert pictures where I want them. So untill next

Friday, July 24, 2009


I love going to auctions...Last night I went to a small auction and was kind of interested in a pie safe they had advertised. It was advertised as rough conditions , but you know rough conditions may not mean the same to the next person so I went to check it out. Oh Yea it was rough condition. The bottom back was missing its legs so it had a lean to it, I knew that it would have taken alot of work to recreate the legs. So I decided to pass on it but I did purchase a old metal double wash tubs for $2.00. Then I got to thinking about how I was going to lug them to the truck? I was just going to put them out back and plant flowers in them . So I went home to ask the muscles of the house if he wanted to go back with me to load them. He said he would ,so off we went. When we got back to the place the wash tubs were already loaded on some one elses trailer. I asked a lady if she minded if I took my wash tubs back she said Oh I just love them but I thought someone had just left them. She wanted to buy them from me, so I sold them to her for $5.00 you know gas money and all. lol The picture below is a sellers cupboard (not the brand just the style)

that I got years ago that was setting along side the curb in the pouring down rain. The bakers cupboard had three coats of white and or cream colored paint. I stripped the paint and stained it a walnut color. So the moral of the story is another man's junk maybe my treasure. until next

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My First Blog!!!!

Greetings from Ohio:

Thank you for stopping by. I am new to the primitive decorating world of blogging. I purchased my first lap Top in January and found the blogging world so amazing that I just had to get in on the fun. I live in the country on a small farm. I believe the house I live in was built around 1898 and is a typical farm house. I love decorating with a mix of primitive and colonial furnishing. I am always on the look out for the next neat thing to add to the mix. I work in a small branch bank in another small town 7 miles from my home.  I work with two other ladies and they think I am crazy when I talk about my (country blogging friends) because I love hearing about other bloggers family, what they been doing all day and the exciting things their working on and whats going on in their day. I only hope I can make my blog as exciting and interesting as you all.  Well I am going to sign off till next time but I hope you'll come back because I am going to show pictures of my home and of course my beautiful granddaughter. lol