Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was thinking about down sizing and perhaps moving from down my country lane. I've spent my entire adult life fixing up these old homes I live in and I think I am ready for a small home that doesn't require so much up keep.  So that being said I was looking on the internet to just get a feel to what was out there.  I ran across this house for sale by owner. (picture above) so I drove by and the picture doesn't do it justice.  It was so adorable that I nearly freaked out.  I drove bye really slow taking pictures, and then turned around and drove back by again.  wow I was really blowed away (I am hoping the owner doesn't think I a stocker)lol  but man it was so dog gone cute!  The ad said they were holding an open house on Sunday so I thought I'll go and just have a look.  When I get there I knock on the door (at the front door I "am in love with this home) and the home owner  answers, I ask if shes having an open house and she looks shocked, she said no you must have the wrong house I said is this 1142 she said  yes but were not selling our house.  I was so disappointed that it most of shown because she ask me if I want to come in and take a tour.  Why of course I do... Well friends let me tell you that if was even cuter inside.  OMG I nearly passed out because it was sooooooo adorable.  Colonial inspired  painted cupboards through out, colonial furniture,wall paper stenciling, hard wood floors,beams.  Her husband made all the old looking baskets. Well I am in love I am hoping they'll grab their toothbrush and clothes and let me have it lock stock and barrel. They had thought about selling but after looking around they decided  they would be better off  to just stay where they were.  Oh well I was disappointed but they were such a nice couple to have met that is was worth it.  I wish I had more pictures  of their home to show you but how rude would that have been.....he he he... Maybe we'll see it featured in Country Sampler??    Well until next time .............kim


  1. Kim,
    Oh Sweetie I am so sorry it was not for sale. But hey at least the owners were nice enough to show you around.Wish you could of gotten some more pics but thanks for sharing and Have a blessed day!

  2. Oh Kim, how disappointing! How did that mixup happen! But you got a great tour!