Monday, October 12, 2009

My Most prized Possession

The love of my life:  She was born October 20Th.  2008. This little bundle at first sight  stole my heart so completly that even now 1 year later that moment in time still brings tears to my eyes.  Now when she sees me her eyes light up and she can't wait to come to me.  When she gives me a kiss and a hug I believe my heart stops beating for a split second because it can't hold any more joy and happiness. 
Shes already a country girl ,because from the first day they brought her home they started reading to her and she loves to be read to.  Her favorite book is anything about farm animals .  If you tell her to go get a book she digs and digs  in all her books and always brings a farm animal book and likes to kiss the pony pictures .  She loves ponys .Went nuts for the fair ponys that she got to ride:Notice the cowgirl boots (gotta)  have those to ride a pony!  Saturday we took her to a farm market where she got to see animals and pick out her second pumpkin.She was named after my mom  Vivian who had passed away before she was born. her daddy thought up her name as   Livian Reign .............and yes she is our queen....Lol  until next


  1. Guess I couldn't spell in the first
    comment...What a beautiful baby! I know
    you are proud!

    Bear Hugs~Karen