Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas at DMCL

Welcome ........To My Christmas Tour.  I thought I would be real cleaver and show you pictures of Christmas 2008 and how different the same rooms look this year.  But for some reason they've been deleted from my camera and computer.  Oh Well.......So pictures of Christmas 2009..                                          First picture is faux mantel and then a close up

         The next pictures is a bench used as a coffee table the Santa I got at Marshall's after passing him up the first time I saw him then went to two other Marshall (150 miles later) LOL I drove back to the first Marshall's and nearly teared up when he was still there.  What a girl won't do for the love of decorating.

The picture doesn't do him justice he about 17 inches tall. The next picture is some glass jars I just started to collect.  I love that look of glass jars.

The next picture is my old secretary

The next picture is the Christmas tree a collection of white and silver ornaments of about 30 years. I 've been doing the tree in Santa Clauses  for the past three years but missed my white collection hence the all white theme this year, I'am really into white so I decided to bring them all out.

This picture is all decorations from my Grandma. That lady was so ahead of her time. Just love this scene and how happy they make me feel when I look at it. 

Over all view of the living room

Coming down the stairs

Next I'll take you into the Kitchen

A few from the bathroom/laundry room

So I guess that's it for now but my my little grand-baby setting on the BIG guys lap yesterday. She no likey............LOL

Hoping each and everyone of you a joyous Christmas..........Until next time   kim

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