Sunday, August 16, 2009

Living Room

This picture is the living room. The grandfather clock was made by my dad in 1978 for a Christmas present for me. The cross is always hung by the front door in what ever house I live in. It was my grandpa's, my grandma had it made for him from wood from his child hood home that was being tore down.The five small square picture frames(which you can't tell) are of my parents wedding. The sofa welllllll....I like the look but its not that comfortable to lay down on if you know what I mean???LOL

This picture is of the fake dear heart made it for me as a Christmas present so I would have a place to hang the big kids Christmas stockings...The large sampler on the left my grandma made and gave it to me.The cherry night stand was my grandmas and then my moms and then mine.

The dry sink I bought from a friends grandma she was down sizing and wanted to make sure that it got a good home cos that was one on the first pieces her and her husband had bought as a newly married couple. I love it.

This chest of drawers belonged to my grandmother I just love the look of it in my living room.

Most of the things in my living room are from my mom who received them from her mom. To me they are very precious

Until next Time kim


  1. Hey Kim,
    i came across your blog and have enjoyed seeing pictures of your home. Come by and see me and I hope you have a blessed day!

  2. Hi Kim, I just found you also, and I am new
    to blogging, read them for a year and like
    you, decided to get in on the fun! Come
    check mine out....Love your house and the
    sofa can't be too uncomfortable, the cat
    is on it!

    Bear Hugs~Karen